Family Connection Benefits SPIN

Budd SAN Donation

In June of 2011, Sam Creveling joined SPIN’s IT department as a Data Analyst and six months later his brother, Matt Creveling, filled the open help desk position in IT. Both Sam and Matt have greatly contributed to SPIN in their short time here. Sam has played a key role in many projects including, but not limited to, Total Record billing, SPIN eForms and supporting the maintenance of SPIN’s websites. Matt jumped right into the fold handling numerous help desk calls per day and was pivotal in the recent eTIME phone project by traveling to every SPIN CLA to remove the Timeclocks, post directions for eTIME phone and train staff on registering in the new system. Prior to joining SPIN, the brothers had an early start in the IT field when they worked part time and summers at Budd Van Lines, a moving company headquartered in Somerset, New Jersey. They worked in the IT department at Budd with their Father, Allen Creveling, where they gained a passion for computers.

Through the Creveling connection, Budd Van Lines contacted SPIN this past summer about donating network equipment to SPIN. They had extra Computer networking equipment available after performing upgrades on their network earlier this year. Their donation consisted of a Network SAN (Storage Area Network), two server racks, delivery of the equipment and a full day of personal time from two of Budd’s employees, Douglas Soltesz and Allen Creveling.

The donated SAN unit is just three years old but Budd Van Lines had exceeded its limitations from network expansion and needed to upgrade to the next level SAN. Luckily for SPIN, the three year old SAN is powerful enough to handle our current network setup and will provide enough power and expansion capabilities to last many years on the SPIN network. This device will be an add-on to our existing network backbone and will provide additional flexibility, speed and power to SPIN Network. It also provides further capabilities to the IT department’s disaster recovery plan including data backups, server expansion and secure replication of all data from 10501 Drummond Road to another SPIN location.

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One of the two server racks donated houses the SAN itself and the other will soon be used as part of a data replication system to an alternate SPIN location. On top of the donation and delivery of the equipment to SPIN, Doug and Allen donated a full day of their personal time. They worked with SPIN’s network administrator, Chris Hartman, to physically mount the SAN into the racks, integrate it into the SPIN Network, and provide an extensive tutorial in configuring the features and capabilities the SAN provides. With the personal touch they provided and the fact that they know the device inside and out, they delivered a training that you cannot buy.

Obtaining a SAN unit was something the IT department has had on its wish list for a couple of years; however it did not fit into the budget as it a very expensive device. The current estimated value of the donated SAN itself, after 3 years depreciation, is $10,000. The original price of the unit was almost $80,000. The server racks are easily worth a couple thousand dollars and the time donated is priceless. With the help of Douglas Soltesz, Allen Creveling, Budd Van Lines, and the Creveling Brothers, SPIN has taken a huge step into the next generation of Networking.


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